Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poland's Coastline

Canon G9 |@7.4mm | 1/500s | f/8.0 | ISO 80

Canon G9 |@7.4mm | 1/200s | f/8.0 | ISO 80

Canon G9 |@7.4mm | 1/50s | f/2.8 | ISO 200

I recently went to Karwia, a small town on the Baltic Coast. Stayed there at a small but really nice hotel that a friend of my cousin's owns. This town has a population of 3 thousand people, but because of summer vacations it swelled to 45000. I am literally steps away from one of the best beaches in Poland. All I have to do is walk through an awesome little forest.


  1. i love the beach forest shot!

  2. Anonymous8:34 PM

    you've got talent.

    - joe

  3. Anonymous10:38 PM

    wow Mr. Swiegot thats great but you should really invest into colour photography.


  4. The forrest is pretty cool, but is filled with ticks. You gotta watch where you walk. As for you Kuba, don't you have Super Why to animate? Get back to work son.