Monday, August 25, 2008

Stocznia Gdanska (Shipyards)

Canon 30D | EFS 17-85@61 | 1/160s | f/11 | ISO 400 | Circular Polarizer

Canon 30D | EFS 17-85@50 | 1/200s | f/11 | ISO 400 | Circular Polarizer

These are the famous Gdansk shipyards, where the Solidarity movement (Solidarność) started. It marked the beginning of the end for Soviet Communism. Unfortunately it's uncertain what the future holds for these shipyards. In the past there were well over 20 000 workers here, but now there are only 3000. It would be a shame if they close it all down, not only because it's a historical icon, but because they are still in good condition.


  1. Crazy!
    I will shoe Ben he will love all the cranes......
    Nice pics man.